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Golden Arrow, from Fyerfly's album Connect

Golden Arrow, from Fyerfly's album Connect

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Golden Arrow is from the album 'Connect' by Fyerfly.

Infusing elements of Alt Rock, Sadcore, Jazz and Blues, this deeply intimate and sultry album will soothe you as your soul is immersed in its serene and haunting sounds. Get the album. 

This torch-song tale tells of falling deeply in love. The stars have aligned and hearts will be forever entwined. The pain of bad timing, and finding your peace in what you shared. ‘Golden Arrow’ is a little bit gypsy-swing. It’s a dark mix of acoustic and electric guitar, dramatic bass, piano and percussion with a vocal overlay of emotional intimacy.


released October 31, 2018 
Original track by Fyerfly. Recorded with Jonathan Zion, Claude Carranza and Daniel Farrugia.


Copyright 2018. All rights reserved.

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